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Paco de Lucia's 2012 U.S. Tour

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Paco de Lucia's 2012 U.S. Tour

Notapor Flamenquito » Vie Abr 13, 2012 5:20 pm

Paco de Lucia's concert at the Boston Opera House lived up to my highest of expectations! I have heard his last recording (Spain 2011 Tour concerts) many times and yet the same material, which he performed with a few variations, was fresh and powerful! I have attended five or six of Paco's concerts (one in Spain and five here in the US) over the years. Paco remains a force to reckon with in ANY genre of guitar playing. In Flamenco, there is no question that he is and remains the best Flamenco guitarist of all time, by far (and that is no easy task, considering the likes of Sabicas, Mario Escudero, Nino Ricardo, Diego del Gastor, etc.). But among the best guitarists in the world, Paco is just far too unique and special--his musicality and creative genius, his technique, and his great sensibility with the instrument and nuances of Flamenco guitar music is outstanding. Paco is now playing comfortable with himself and his legacy in Flamenco music; he is "settled" and "well-cooked" which means we are hearing the best of him in his "older years" (sorry Paco!). His playing is full of conviction, expressive, and nuanced. His ensemble is just phenomenal; great choice of artists:Duquende, who remains majestic in his "cante," David de Jacoba the young singing talent, Farruquito the young dance phenom, and the other instrumentalists, including Antonio Sanchez (guitarist), Alain Perez (bass), El Pirana (cajon), and Antonio Serrano (harmonica). They all complemented each other well and showed great versatility, musicianship, and tecnical skill in the solos. The best part for me--hugging Paco as he left the concert hall...he is sublime and kind soul, genuine and warm in personality. What an honor to have shared a few words with this great legend of the guitar!
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Re: Paco de Lucia's 2012 U.S. Tour

Notapor David » Lun Abr 16, 2012 4:35 am

As I said in the other post, I'm glad you enjoyed the concert, and I can't wait to see him here in Austin in May 2!! Of the new crew, I particularly like Farruquito... he's really a blast on the stage! Congratulations and I hope they'll finish their US tour "a lo grande" (to the fullest)!!
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