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Cialis or Viagra? what's better?

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Cialis or Viagra? what's better?

Notapor Newrich » Mié Abr 24, 2019 4:45 pm

Reduced sexual desire in men has many causes. Dissatisfaction, lack of good sex and failure in intimate life have a negative impact on family and work relationships. One of the solutions to this dysfunction - taking medications to enhance erection. Consider the most popular ones and decide which is better: Viagra or Cialis? Opinions of experts in this matter differ.

Viagra: truth and myths

Before proceeding to the description of the advantages and disadvantages of tablets, it is worth noting that they should not be taken in any case when you already use medicines with active substances of nitrates. If you ignore this, then it is quite possible that during intercourse your pressure may reach a point incompatible with life.

Taking Viagra, you should not expect that after the pill the sexual organ itself will come to the desired state. It's a delusion. Viagra helps to improve blood circulation, that is, it helps to achieve an erection of the desired level, so you can not do without stimulation. After sex, the sexual organ returns to normal (with the exception of side effects).

The best option is to consult a doctor. Perhaps he will advise you to take another drug, referring to the features of your body. In addition, if you once had hypersensitivity, then you can not do without expert advice.

This tool on the market for quite some time, and there are many myths about it. The most common - Viagra treats for potency. Convinced of this, we hasten to disappoint, because Viagra does not cure. Taking this drug can be called symptomatic therapy.

Some believe that if you take these pills, you can thus prevent the transmission of genital diseases. Alas, but this is a profound delusion. Therefore, the methods of contraception, even during its reception, has not been canceled.

Finally, Viagra is not a hormone. And already not aphrodisiac.

Features of Cialis

To begin with, the active ingredient of the drug - Tadalafil - is not able to change the level of testosterone or affect the characteristics of sperm.

Like Viagra, Cialis requires stimulation of the penis or erogenous zones. This drug does not require a schedule of admission, however, to maximize its effect, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Overdose of cialis can lead to bad consequences. For example, a man may experience an erection longer than usual, which will bring uncomfortable sensations. If the sexual organ does not return to its normal state after 4 hours, then this is a good reason to ask for help. It is dangerous to ignore this symptom, since in the future this may cause a complete lack of erection.

Cialis differs from Viagra in that it acts smoothly and gently. That is, if you need a very fast erection, most likely this drug will not work for you. But along with their smooth action, these pills are considered more benign.

As for pricing, Cialis is inferior to Viagra in price. And this is understandable, because the latter is considered a brand. But if you have never taken such drugs before, then it is better to start with Cialis.

Comparison of popular generics to increase erection

Active substance:

Viagra: Sildenafil;
Cialis: tadalafil;

Standard dosage:

Viagra: 100 mg;
Cialis: 20 mg;

Maximum dosage per day:

Viagra: 200 mg;
Cialis: 40 mg;


Viagra: strong enough erection;
Cialis: erection increases during sex;

Duration of pills:

Viagra: 4 hours;
Cialis: 36 hours;

Start of action after:

Viagra: 45-50 minutes;
Cialis: 15-20 minutes;


Viagra: a desire for multiple sexual intercourse;
Cialis: increased sexual desire (libido);

Compatibility with alcohol:

Viagra: if you take a generic drug 1 hour before drinking alcohol;
Cialis: if you take a generic 15 minutes before drinking alcohol;


Drugs are effective only if there is minimal sexual desire.

Side effects:

Viagra: in 9% of cases, reddening of the skin in the area of ​​the face and neck may occur, sometimes a slight congestion of the nose and ears;
Cialis: absent in 98% of cases;

Recommendations for taking generics (expert advice)

No matter which generic you take, you need to know:

1. Before taking the pills, read the instructions. Usually, 10% of men have side effects. This may be a slight headache, dizziness, redness of the skin near the face or nasal congestion and ears.

2. In no case can not mix drugs and take several pills at a time to enhance erection.

3. Taking pills, be sure that they will act. But it’s not worth pinning on their supernatural powers. They increase blood flow, but do not increase libido, so if you start to get nervous, then some of the power will be lost.

4. These drugs are not considered therapeutic. The therapeutic effect can be observed after the course of treatment (regular). Perhaps then over time it will be possible to reduce the dose.

5. It is advisable to take generics when the body is not tired and full of energy. Otherwise, the drug can only harm.

6. During sex, the body is dehydrated, especially if you are also taking pills. After taking the generic, be sure to drink a glass of water to avoid a headache or even more muscle cramps.

7. The effect of any drug also depends on how much a person weighs. In this case, it is desirable to eat moderately and engage in charging.
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