Cipro is a brand name of antibacterial drug which has Ciprofloxacin as its key component Ciprofloxacin. It is available under various brand names as Ciplox, Proquin and others. It is a wide spectrum antibiotic which features extra penetrability and thus it is the first line medicine to treat joint and bone infections. The drug also performs extra efficacy against abdominal infections, various types of bacterial diarrhea, urinary tract and sexual infections as well as respiratory tract infections. Cipro in is used as key medication or is often included into treatment schemes as supplementary drug. It can be used as for treatment so for prevention of possible infections in case of direct exposure to the source of contamination. The drug must not be used without prescription as it has potentially dangerous side effects. For example, the uncontrollable intake of Cipro increases the risk of tendon rupture, worsens muscle weakness. This antibiotic is a drug of choice due to potentially higher risks of side effects. That is why doctors commonly administer less risky medicines. Cipro is on the list of WHO essential medicines for health care system. The drug must be avoided during pregnancy due to inevitable birth defects in unborn babies.


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